BookkeepingHow to get a product into a retail store

How to get a product into a retail store

pitch your product

The page should have a contact form for stores to complete with details about themselves. Consider including a line sheet if you think that would be a good fit. Your social media platforms are often the first introduction that people have to your brand.

increase your chances

Instead of figuring out what’s going on in their stockists’ heads, they camp out in their own. Jimerre was able to save money for her business dream while working for Ford and in the advertising industry, but looking back she says that she wished she had saved even more. Decide how you want to handle product breakage or instances when the customer is unsatisfied with the product. I suggest offering some sort of exchange window the customer can use when its order is delivered.

What are the techniques of selling?

Plenty of great tips about it in the article above – you could also check out our comprehensive wholesale marketing guide. How you price your products for wholesale sales is entirely up to you but there are a number of formulas you can use such as cost-based pricing or value-based pricing. If you are going to write an introduction letter to retail buyers it might help to start with a sample letter. If you write an introduction letter to retail buyers along with sending them a sample of your product, you are sure to get their attention.

  • I don’t have a lot of experience with expirable products but I imagine the outreach process would be similar.
  • You’ll acquire the rights to sell our brands in a designated territory with uncapped commissions.
  • If you’re accepted to stock your product on Target shelves, you’re going to need to ramp up your production pretty quickly.
  • To do this, your company should be willing to open up and share inside information with the retail buyer.
  • This is where you’ll reassure the distributor that you can keep up with demand as your business grows.

One thing you can try is to reposition them in your How Can I Pitch My Products To Get Them Stocked In Retail Stores?. Put them in a different area in the shop or switch up their shelf arrangements. Retail management consultant Judy Crockett says that this could be an excellent way to freshen up your merchandise. You’ll acquire the rights to sell our brands in a designated territory with uncapped commissions.

Use a product sell sheet and leave that with them when you leave

When handled properly, excess inventory can actually open up sales, customer engagement, and tax opportunities for your business. This type of promotion can be very effective in moving excess stock, particularly if you’re selling commodities or merchandise that are purchased in sets . This is one of the tactics that Flourish Boutique implements in their stores if they find that a particular item is a “dud,” but doesn’t have such a high cost. That’s what T-We Tea, a San Francisco-based retailer that sells house-made teas and accessories, did with its products. They noticed that their low-margin items were moving faster than their high-margin ones (house-made teas) so they opted to group them together at a slightly lower price.

  • They noticed that their low-margin items were moving faster than their high-margin ones (house-made teas) so they opted to group them together at a slightly lower price.
  • Start by introducing yourself and handing out business cards.
  • Show them that you’re serious about your CPG and that you have a strong vision for the brand.
  • If you don’t have sales figures from your own brand, then it’s time to do some market research and pull data from existing retailers and brands.
  • Later I’ll discuss exactly how to pitch your product to a store, step by step.
  • The geography of your social footprint is key for in-store deals.

I’m naturally introverted so I understand the situation. If you can make appointments that definitely helps, Jan! Doing the extra research to make sure your products are a good fit is time well spent too. It’s a very smart thing to do as it expands your reach in the market further than if you were just a retailer yourself. The temptation is to just write as much as you can to fit into your sell sheet. Schedule appointments ahead of time and make sure you are well prepared for the meeting.

Hit the Shelves: 6 Steps to Getting Your Products Into Retail Stores

Connect with our team to learn how a small business membership can benefit your bottom line and help you achieve your goals. Getting a big box retail contract is all about listening to the needs and wants of the retailer and being flexible enough to adapt your business to fit those needs, said Schleis. Follow these tips to improve your odds of landing a deal. “Naturally, our sales have grown from being in Target and Sally Beauty Supply, but I believe our brand is viewed on a larger scale,” said Dupart. Does your small business have what it takes to sell products to Walmart? Read how to prepare your pitch for their annual “Made in the USA” Open Call event.

product distribution strategy

Knowing how to approach retail stores to sell your product is very important for your wholesale distribution efforts, especially in the beginning. “Building a brand that people love and seek will cause those big businesses to inquire about you.” Getting creative and adaptable in selling your products via new online channels can help your businessdiversify your revenues during a recession. Keep pushing for new opportunities to get your products into stores, even if those stores are ecommerce-only instead of brick-and-mortar retail stores. When retailers are deciding which new products to purchase and stock on their shelves, they will want to see a “pitch package” to introduce your product.

Why should a distributor be excited by your CPG?

Customers can see and experience your product in person. Few things build brand confidence like getting to “try before you buy,” said Schleis. An online photo may be worth a thousand words, but getting to touch and feel products before making a purchase creates an instantaneous relationship and can even lead to word-of-mouth referrals. As Schleis pointed out, “People talk about what they see and get to experience in-store.” Earned endorsements make the best case for your product. If you’re sampling a CBD cream to a pet store or a kitchen store, it will be a much harder sell.

  • Consider including a line sheet if you think that would be a good fit.
  • They can also take care of getting your product to the relevant warehouses and lots of other customer service-related admin – so much so that some stores won’t consider you unless you come via one.
  • It’s the second most popular pricing method for retailers across all sectors , according to a study by Software Advice, a research firm for web POS systems.
  • So, for example, a shop will be unlikely to stock something for £500 if their existing similar products come in at under £50.
  • Distributors work with retailers to get your product into as many stores and restaurants as possible.

If remarketing or remerchandising doesn’t work, consider lowering prices for of excess stock. Kat Rosati, Brand Manager at Apparel Booster, advises retailers to discount prices at certain increments. “Start off with something small, say 30% and then continue to discount,” she says. When an item isn’t selling, the problem may not necessarily be the product itself.

How To Approach Retail Stores To Sell Your Product was easy to understand with comprehensive and easy explanation. Selecting markets to attend is something only you can answer. I’d just say find a way to measure the effectiveness of each and divide your time between the ones that are working and eliminate the ones that aren’t. I’m only just setting up – my gift line is Broken Things” on Facebook and Broken Thing.s on insta….. Would so appreciate guidance as am trying to move forward wisely.

How do I get my product on supermarket shelves?

  1. Build Your Social Presence.
  2. Attend Trade Shows and Expos.
  3. Start Contacting Local Grocers & Distributors.
  4. Follow-Up with Samples.
  5. Get Featured in Publications.

Stores come to your booth and learn more about the products and write orders at the show . Depends how long you’ve been in operation, how mature your product is, etc. I would be looking very hard at your offer and traffic. In short, personally I would focus on getting some sales first. It will be a great learning experience and information you can pass onto potential retailers when you do go to get them. It can generate great brand exposure and give you access to local audiences you might never have been able to reach.

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